2012 Grant Application

Digital-SF Observatory Foundation

Mission Statement:

To observe, record, analyze, store and distribute photometric and spectroscopic data of binary variables. To provide this information to any and all researchers, free of charge; and where practical, provide access to the observatory to local colleges and universities for photometric and spectroscopic research.

Bi-Laws: (as of June 1, 2010)

The material assets of the Foundation will consist of any and all grants received by the Foundation, and all equipment purchased with Foundation funds. Foundation assets will be used primarily for Foundation research, for the maintenance of Foundation equipment, and for the storage and distribution of research data. Foundation equipment can be sold or traded for no less than their IRS depreciated value, and all proceeds will be returned to the foundation account. Equipment donated to the Foundation will belong to the Foundation and can be sold or traded for no less than the current fair value.

Operating facilities will be leased by the Foundation as necessary. The Foundation will not be responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of the leased facilities or equipment. All decisions related to use of Foundation equipment, the performance of Foundation research and the retention and distribution of the related data will be the sole responsibility of the Director. All expenditures of Foundation funds, or sale of foundation equipment will be autherized by the Treasurer.

Officers of the Foundation will be appointed by the Director. In the event of incapacity or death of the Director, the executor of the Director's estate can appoint a replacement Director, or authorize the termination of the Foundation.

At the termination of the Foundation, all Foundation funds will be used to pay any existing debts. If necessary, foundation equipment will be sold as needed to pay existing debts. Any remaining Foundation funds and all remaining Foundation equipment will be donated to Central Washington University. Facilities and equipment leased to the Foundation will be retained by the lessor.

Director and Treasurer:

Director: Alan A. Bedard
Treasurer: Gabriella D. Bedard

Digital-SF Observatory Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, incorporated in the State of Washington on February 26, 2010. UBI: 603 000 683