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Observations, Nov 3-4, 2010
(JD 2455504.83 - 2455505.03)

This is a time series observation of an eclipsing dwarf nova (HT Cas) in the constellation of Cassiopeia . HT Cas is classified as a UGSU-type dwarf nova with eclipses, having an orbital period of approximately 0.0736 days (106 minutes). Observation conditions were good and lasted from just after midnight until just before dawn.  The accompanying image shows the star field with HT Cas labeled as "V" and the comparison stars marked as C1 and C2. HT Cas  is at this time in Nova outburst with some very interesting double hump variations. Normally a 19th Magnitude star, HT Cas is currently varying between Mag. 13.37 and 12.17.

HT Cas Star Field

HT Cas Light Curve